Inpatient Related Modules

1. Out Patient Related Modules

  • Registering for health services quickly and accurately through QR Code.
  • Smart Queuing system help to reduce patient waiting time.
  • Auto registration by Kiosks.
  • Each patient is managed by unique ID across entire hospital & clinic networks. Patient data is shared between facilities.

2. In Patient Related Modules

  • Saving time for clinical staffs and giving medication on mobile devices.

3. Imaging & Intervention Related Modules

  • Supporting many medical imaging equipments such as GE, Siemens, Toshiba, Philips, Kodak, …
  • Sharing images between departments, hosspital, external system.
  • Small hospitas/ clinics: Mini PACS to save cost.
  • Large hospitals: Full PACS, Dicom, HL& Standard compatible.
  • Sending Diagnostic result to patients on Mobile Device.

4. Laboratory Related Modules

  • Ordering Set Management to improve accuracy.
  • Supporting management many lad equipments: Roche, Olympus, Abbott, …
  • Dicom, HL7 standard compatible.
  • Leading in Lab Management Software in Vietnam, used in many hospitals.

5. Pharmacy & Medicine Related Modules

  • Effective pharmacy management.
  • Maintaining optimum stock levels through automation notification system.
  • Auto warning low supply level, integrate with procurement workflow.
  • Large drug banks data.
  • Drug interaction checking.

6. Insurance Patient Management Related Modules

  • Supporting many insurance providers: PVI, Bao Viet, Aeon, Generali, …
  • Providing regular training in insurance policies by insurance specialist.
  • Comprehensive insurance reports.
  • Integrating with National Insurance system.

7. Billing, Pricing Related Modules

  • Multiple pricing scheme.
  • Warning lost revenue.
  • Supporting different payment options: Momo, Zalo, VnPay, …

8. Procurement Related Modules

  • Managing the purchasing medicine process, inventory for hospital ops on time.
  • Maintaining optimum stock level.
  • Monitoring inventory level.
  • Ensuring integrity and transparency in procurement.
  • Managing and tracking order status.
  • Reducing average process order from 7 days to 5 days.

9. Financial & Accounting Related Modules

  • Most accurate Billing tracking system.
  • Connecting to the medical accounting system (FAST), easily expanding the system and connecting with any existing accounting software.
  • You can pay directly through payment options such as Momo, VNPAY.
  • Using Financial Analysis Report Power BI to proactively get analytical data.

10. Customer service & Marketing Modules

  • Creating more channel to reach patients.
  • Customer & Marketing Insight Reports.
  • SMS/ Mobile notification reminder.

11. Clinical Decision System

  • National & International Drug Interaction Checking.
  • Indication of drugs according to the protocol, ICD10.
  • Insurance Reject payment checking.
  • Warning lost revenue.